EMBRACE (2019) - is materials and tools for helping immigrants in the EU who possess many of the formal and informal skills needed in the field of agriculture and food, but who arrive without documentation of education and past employment.

The materials were created in the Erasmus + project EMBRACE - Enhancement of Migrants Abilities and Recognition of their Acquired Competences in Europe.

The materials contain:

  • Catalogue of the professional profiles and competencies we lack in the agricultural and food sectors in the EU
  • Tools to identify and validate formal and informal competencies, and to certify the education and experience of third-country immigrants
  • Tool for job consultants in the form of a "step by step guide" to help immigrants in their search for a new or better job

The materials can be downloaded at http://embraceproject.eu/index.html. See Project Library.

On the website, you can also find information about a digital platform that can be used in the identification and validation process.



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