Søren Kierkegaard – A Love Mystery


The objective of the project was to create a mainly digital presentation of Søren Kierkegaard for beginners, in the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth. Various platforms (Layar Augmented Reality, YouTube, Facebook, iBook and a classic paper edition) were used for the presentation.


The presentation consists of a fiction story, written as digital letter novel, and a series of video introductions to various Søren Kierkegaard themes.

In "Søren Kierkegaard - a love mystery" you follow, via smartphone and iPad, a young couple's love relationship and the crisis they are in. From the sidelines, Søren Kierkegaard gives input to what he would do if he had the same challenges.

 "Søren Kierkegaard - A Love Mystery" has also been published as a printed book (in Danish).


The project was carried out by:


The project was funded by Jens Holm's Library Fund and Kulturstyrelsens Udviklingspulje. It was implemented in 2012-13.