Det Mobile Sproglab


Det Mobile Sproglab (The Mobile Language Laboratory) aimed to offer adult bilinguals new opportunities to use Danish in ordinary daily conversations and at the workplace. Daily life conversations could be at their children’s schools or day care centres, at association meetings, with neighbours, as well as at the workplace – at the cafeteria, with the employer, with customers, etc.


The Mobile Language Laboratory is built around 10 films with exemplary conversations and associated tasks. The 10 movies can be downloaded to the user's mobile phone. The Laboratory also includes a series of awareness-raising texts on conversations and conversation roles and tips and suggestions on how you can work with m-learning in practice.

The Laboratory’s primary target group is adult learners at the language schools who are under the “Danish Education 2 Programme”. Moreover, it addresses bilinguals in other learning institutions (e.g., Adult Education Centres, Social and Health Schools, Technical Colleges, etc.), as well as those at the workplace, that require a special effort in relation to daily and work-related conversations.


The project was financed by the Danish Ministry of Integration. It was implemented from 2006 to 2007.

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