Languages from the Cradle


Languages from the Cradle aimed at promoting the learning of European languages, particularly the less widely used and taught languages through lullabies.


Lullabies in the following languages: Czech, Danish, English, Italian, Romanian and Turkish were collected and representative lullabies were produced into a CD collection. A book with language learning activities based on the selected lullabies was produced as well as digital-based interactive activities, also aimed at supporting language learning. To promote dissemination of the project’s results and products, a website was set-up wherein Europeans can send in their contribution of local lullabies.


The partnership was composed of eight organizations from seven European countries:


The project was funded by the EU Lifelong Learning – Lingua 1 Programme. It was carried out 2006-2008.

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The interactive language learning activities can be accessed online:

You can order the book, the CD and the DVD as a set by contacting VIFIN. Price: 100 dkk + shipping costs.