Animated speech sounds, dialogues and pronunciation


The objective of the project was to further develop Udtaleværkstedet in with animations of all Danish speech sounds, exercises in dialogues and a teaching tool to produce your own pronunciation exercises.


For each individual sound, there is an animated graphic of the position and movement of the voice organs, a video with a cross-sectional view of a person's face while the person is saying the sound, as well as a number of video tips for how to say the sound. The speech sound material also contains two types of overview pages for comparing the sounds.

The dialogue material allows you to train dialogues with the computer as a conversation partner. Exercises make it possible to focus on the intonation and sentence modes that support the content of a conversation.

Through the teacher tool, teachers can produce their own pronunciation exercises, including record audio files and insert punctuation points for speech rate and stress.


The project was carried out by VIFIN in collaboration with Roskilde Language Center.


The project was supported by the Ministry of Refugees, Immigrants and Integration. It was implemented in 2006-2008.

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The material is part of Udtaleværkstedet in - see