Children of the Sound Region


The project aimed to develop children’s inter-cultural competencies and communication skills, and support integration between the Danish and the Swedish part of Øresund.


Teaching materials on the Danish and the Swedish languages, daily life and culture were produced. They were to be ideal for use by elementary students, primarily by those living in the Sound Region.

It was also envisioned that the materials could be used across the country as a basic contribution to the work with “international dimension” in small classes. The theme is not normally a part of the daily subjects because more teaching materials are needed.

The materials were produced in both analogue and digital forms, but gave emphasis on the net-based elements.


Integration Tools was the lead organisation in the project. VIFIN, Sandahl Dialog and Lönegaard were project partners.


The project was funded by the Øresund Consortium. It was implemented 2003-2004