Labour Market

MigrAID Online (2019) - is a range of materials and tools for managing and benefiting from ethnic diversity in SMEs. The target group is partly social partners and business leaders, and partly migrants. The materials were developed in the Erasmus + project MigrAID - Educating Social Partners towards Ethnic Diversity in SMEs.

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Workmobility (2010) is a web portal that provides information relevant to foreign workers, who are planning to go to Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Scotland and Denmark.

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EVA (2018) is an online platform targeted at migrants who wish to start their own company in either Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malta or Cyprus.

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MobiDic (2009) is dictionaries targeting social and health care, transportation and construction trades.

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WorkSim (2017) is a material with job-specific teaching and inspiration modules, primarily intended for foreigners who either come to Denmark to work in the specific field or are already here. So far, there is material for social & health workers and au pairs and a more general module.

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Iværkstedet (2007) is an online portal for entrepreneurs of a different ethnic background than Danish.

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AGE + (2016) is a platform of education modules for civil servants that wish to improve their competencies in relation to participation in and management of international projects.

Read more: Administrations Go Europe (AGE+)

Vejen Frem (2006) tells the life stories of 11 refugees and immigrants and about their entry into the Danish labour market and the Danish culture.

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